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Update June 2021


Hello, I’ve decided to try to post some monthly/bi-weekly/whenever updates regarding Ligature just to give me a chance to review stuff I’ve been working on recently and focus on what needs attention. Since this is the first update I’m posting, I’m just going to mention what I’ve been doing for the past couple of weeks or so.

Switching Primary Focus to the Ligature-JS Project

For a little bit I’ve been spending a lot of time working on the JVM implementation of Ligature, but recently I’ve decided to shift gears and spend more time on the JS ecosystem version. The reason for this is that I really want to get Ligature to a place where people can easily play with it and having demos in the browser that don’t require a backend seems like the best way to do that. Previously I’ve had some issues with working with the JS version. Mainly, libraries like level-up and it’s ilk don’t have support for transactions which is pretty important for Ligature. I’ve decided recently to focus on a simple in-memory version that has a form of in memory transactions using the immutable library, and also experiment with a simple embedded server version using SQLite3. This should work well for me for now and after I get a working prototype up and running in JS, I can switch back to focusing on either the JVM version or the Rust version.

Specification Updates

I’ve also been working on merging docs from implementation project READMEs into the specification. I’m trying to get project READMEs to be minimal and to point to things like this website and the specification. The Wander spec is still a mess, but I’m still doing a quite of bit of design and prototyping on that project so it’s to be expected. I’m much happier with the rest but I still plan on revising all docs quite a bit.

I’ve recently started working on a catalog of tests with the main goal of making it easier to keep track of where each version of Ligature is and to help people get a leg up if they decide to add a new implementation.


As I write this the website currently doesn’t exist, so I’m working on getting this up as well. This mostly involves learning about 11ty and Netlify. All things I’ve been meaning to do anyway, so it’s been interesting. I’m pretty okay with a minimal design to start with so I’m not spending too much time on that.

I started a write up that compares Ligature to RDF as well. I expect this document will be very helpful to people wondering why I created Ligature. I also expect this document to be under development for a while. There are a lot more differences between RDF and Ligature then I initially thought, and I have not even started work on Ligature’s schema and ontology systems…

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