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Update October 2021

Hello, it’s been a while since I’ve updated this, but I’ve been pretty busy so there’s a bit to update.

Website Generator Update

I’ve been meaning to rewrite how this site is generated to move away from 11ty for a bit. 11ty is really good, but I’ve wanted something that integrates better into the JS ecosystem (easily allows use of npm deps, has a bundler, etc). At first I was considering just writing a basic TypeScript app that would do all the site gen stuff for me and use something like Parcel as a part of that. Since then I’ve stumbled across Astrojs which seems to actually do everything I want out of the box. I’m pretty happy so far so hopefully I can stick with Astrojs going forward.

Switch to Focusing on Scala/Scala.js Implementation

Previously I’ve been writing about how I have been focusing on a TypeScript implementation of Ligature. I’ve sort of ran some issues with the TypeScript implementation. While I was able to write code relatively fast it was very easy build technical debt at the same time. When I tried to address that debt I hit a bit of a brick wall. I won’t go into detail here but I started looking into alterative languages. After some experimentation I found that Scala.js ticked all my boxes and would also let me share code between the JS and JVM implementations of Ligature. So Scala has become the main language/ecosystem I’m using for Ligature. I still plan on working on a Rust implementation but that is pretty low priority right now.

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